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The Oracle's Glass
17570 Ramsgate Dr., Lathrup Village,MI 48076
The Oracle: Myra Walton
Myra is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathic psychic medium.  She has brought positive changes into the awareness of her clients since 1975.

Born with these abilities, when she made the decision to expand on her use of them, she asked that only the truth, in a way it could be understood, be given to her to pass on.

Myra counsels her clients to recognize and develop their own psychic abilities, so that they may walk a path of enlightened independence.

Her clientele has included business executives, health care and law enforcement professionals, but most are people who stop by out of curiosity, needing a little guidance and leave feeling better armed to deal with life.

Except for shows listed on the events page,
readings are by advance appointment only.
A place to seek a little light when you need it.

One of the principles of metaphysics is that when the student is ready, a teacher will appear.
It is a sound and often repeated sequence of events, and has been my constant companion throughout my life and learning.

Use what works, and leave the rest.

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